General Equipment Considerations



Major Components

  • 1 Feed
  • 2 Product distribution plate
  • 3 Heating fluid
  • 4 Vacuum nozzle
  • 5 Distillate
  • 6 Cooling
  • 7 Residue
  • 8 Heating jacket
  • 9 Roller wiper system
  • 10 Internal condenser


Horizontal Section Through A Short Path Distiller


Tasks of the Wiper System

  • Uniform distribution of the product onto the evaporator surface
  • Permanent mixing of the product film
  • Improvement of heat transfer from the heated wall into the product film
  • Exclusion of “Hot Spots“
  • Reduction of residence time

Characteristics of the UIC’s Roller Wiper System on all KDL and KDT Models

  • Open wiper basket design
    minimizes pressure drop between evaporation and condensation
  • Good mixing of the product film
    improves the evaporation of volatiles
  • Overlapping of wiper rollers
    avoids unwiped spots and formation of “Hot Spots“
  • Self-cleaning wiper elements
    minimizes maintenance
  • Short residence time
    reduces temperature history of product

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