More on Vacuum

Vacuum System Configuration

Vacuum pumps

  • Liquid ring pump
  • Rotary vane pump
  • Roots vacuum pump
  • ScrewLine pump
  • Oil diffusion pump
  • Pump sets

Pressure measurement

  • Diaphragm vacuum gauge
  • Pirani vacuum gauge

Vacuum Pumping Methods

high_vacuum_short_path_distillation_thin_wiped_film_evaporator_thc_cbd_hemp_concentrate_isolate_crystalize_clear_terpenePressure of 1 Standard Atmosphere: 760 TORR, 1013 mbar or, at Sea Level, 0° C and 45° Latitude

Pressure Equivalents

Atmospheric Pressure (Standard) =


Vapor Pressure of Water at Various Temperatures

boiling_point_short_path_distillation_fractional_distillate_cbd_thc_separation_terpenes_clear_golden_oil_cannabis_hemp_concentrate _remove_smell_taste.png

Pressure Ranges







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