About Us


Based in Washington State, Helderpad is an international collection of botanical processing specialists committed to continuous Research, Development, and Diffusion of Innovative Botanical Processing Technologies. 


Helderpad Designs Ethanol Extraction, Solvent Recovery, and Short Path Distillation Systems for complete and continuous biomass to distillate processing.


Helderpad serves the industry globally and offers a number of unique products and services including:

  • Equipment Sales:

    • Alcohol Extraction

    • Solvent Recovery

    • Short Path Distillation


  • Chemical Process Research and Development


  • Custom Engineering Process Design and Pilot Plant Fabrication & Installation


  • Training


  • Consulting


Our Business is Built on the Consistency of  Our Product Quality and Dedication to Customer Service.


Let Helderpad Be Your Lab.


The Clear Path To Perfection!


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