Practical Benefits of Vacuum Distillation

High Vacuum Short Path Distillation offers a number of benefits for processing superior cannabis concentrates.

  • Boiling Points of materials are significantly reduced under vacuum (30oC rule)
  • The partial pressure curves of different materials may indicate the application of vacuum will facilitate the separation process and purity of the distillate.
  • Vacuum usually accelerates the evaporation rate to accomplish separation of materials more quickly.


Helderpad New Financing Options

Helderpad is proud to announce its partnership with Pinnacle Capital to provide financing options for all our our distillation systems.

 What we offer:

Loan Size:  $25,000 – $500,000 – contact us for deals over 500K

Terms from 2 to 5 years

Seasonal payments

Financing in all 50 states

Turn-key financing


Credit Parameters:

New business financing OK

Personal Guarantees required

Minimum credit score preferred 650

No bankruptcies in the last 7 years

No unresolved state or federal tax liens


What we would need to get this started:

A Personal financial statement on all owners  

2 years personal and business tax returns on each owner

A copy of your signed operating agreement for your business

A business plan  

A pro forma for your new business  

A copy of the landlord lease agreement

Completed credit application (attached)

Introducing The New Mini KDL4


Introducing the new Distillation System the MINI-4, which is based upon a new KDL-4 evaporator specially designed to facilitate Distillation System upgrades which include upgrading to a larger KDL-6 evaporator with minimal changes to the System.

Specific MINI-4 Features are listed below:


KDL4RFEvaporator:Feed Tank:

Support Plate: Wiper System: Receivers:

Cold Trap: Vacuum :


KDL-4 (Borosilicate Glass)
0.043 m2 boiling surface area
0.022 m2 condensing surface area
2 Liter jacketed feed vessel
& metering valve
316SS with internal hea􏰀ng jacket PTFE wiper rollers
500 ml flasks with vent and isola􏰀on Valves & jack stand support Cryowell style cold trap for liquid nitrogen or dry ice
316SS manifold w/bleed valve Pirani style vacuum digital sensor 5.8 m3/h (3.4 cfm) dual stage rotary

vane pump w/gas ballast valve
50 L/s air cooled oil diffusion pump
3 kW, 300°C Evaporator body
2 kW, 250°C Feed Tank
500 Wa􏰁 (cooling @ 20°C) Condenser 304SS Mini-Frame

Support Stand:
The MINI-4 System can be easily upgraded to accommodate the following op􏰀ons:

 Upgradetoa316SSKDT-4Evaporator
 UpgradetoalargerBorosilicateGlassKDL-6Evaporator  Upgradetoalarger316SSKDT-6Evaporator
 UpgradeVacuumSystemtohigherpumpingspeed
 UpgradeReceiverstolargerglassflasks

The MINI-4 System was incorporated into the product line to provide a lower cost, entry level dis􏰀lla􏰀on unit which could be upgraded to a higher processing rate system at a later date. The MINI-4 System u􏰀lizes a stainless steel support frame which can be installed on a laboratory bench or used as a floor standing sys- tem (frame size is: 45”W x 22”D x 54”H).