Introducing The New Mini KDL4


Introducing the new Distillation System the MINI-4, which is based upon a new KDL-4 evaporator specially designed to facilitate Distillation System upgrades which include upgrading to a larger KDL-6 evaporator with minimal changes to the System.

Specific MINI-4 Features are listed below:


KDL4RFEvaporator:Feed Tank:

Support Plate: Wiper System: Receivers:

Cold Trap: Vacuum :


KDL-4 (Borosilicate Glass)
0.043 m2 boiling surface area
0.022 m2 condensing surface area
2 Liter jacketed feed vessel
& metering valve
316SS with internal hea􏰀ng jacket PTFE wiper rollers
500 ml flasks with vent and isola􏰀on Valves & jack stand support Cryowell style cold trap for liquid nitrogen or dry ice
316SS manifold w/bleed valve Pirani style vacuum digital sensor 5.8 m3/h (3.4 cfm) dual stage rotary

vane pump w/gas ballast valve
50 L/s air cooled oil diffusion pump
3 kW, 300°C Evaporator body
2 kW, 250°C Feed Tank
500 Wa􏰁 (cooling @ 20°C) Condenser 304SS Mini-Frame

Support Stand:
The MINI-4 System can be easily upgraded to accommodate the following op􏰀ons:

 Upgradetoa316SSKDT-4Evaporator
 UpgradetoalargerBorosilicateGlassKDL-6Evaporator  Upgradetoalarger316SSKDT-6Evaporator
 UpgradeVacuumSystemtohigherpumpingspeed
 UpgradeReceiverstolargerglassflasks

The MINI-4 System was incorporated into the product line to provide a lower cost, entry level dis􏰀lla􏰀on unit which could be upgraded to a higher processing rate system at a later date. The MINI-4 System u􏰀lizes a stainless steel support frame which can be installed on a laboratory bench or used as a floor standing sys- tem (frame size is: 45”W x 22”D x 54”H).

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