Helderpad Chemtech Collaboration: The Clear Path To Perfection



Helderpad Chemtech Collaboration: The Clear Path To Perfection

Helderpad, LLC and Chemtech Services, Inc. have teamed up and hit the ground running in the hemp oil-refining sector. Having recently completed a joint development agreement over six months in the works, Helderpad and Chemtech have combined their experience for the formalization, continued development, and distribution of what they call “Hemp Processing Technology®” (HPT).

Chemtech (including its predecessor UIC) has been in the Chemical Process Equipment Business since 1980. They have continually evolved their technology to produce distillation units ranging from laboratory to commercial scale systems. While Chemtech’s proprietary technology is high vacuum distillation systems, they also develop a number of unique chemical processing solutions with modular distillation components utilizing both shortpath, wiped, and rolled-film technology.

CEO of Chemtech, John F. Hart states, “Hemp Oil process applications have been one of the fastest growing fields in recent years and our team has devoted considerable laboratory and pilot plant time to hemp oil evaluation…our engineers have mastered molecular separation of both natural and chemical compounds.”

Helderpad is a collection of hemp processing specialists committed to continuous Research, Development, and Diffusion of Hemp Processing Technology.  Having operated throughout various sectors of the international hemp industry for over four decades, the team brings unique insight into many aspects of processing operations.

Between the two companies, their research has facilitated the design and optimization of equipment and operating parameters for the purpose of processing hemp oil from the crude grade to highly purified and concentrated products.  All of the distillation systems in their repertoire are capable of producing a golden grade of distillate (most commonly known as “solvent free” or “the Clear”) with high percentages of THC and/or CBD fractions that can be derived from a crude oil.

According to Helderpad President, Derek Houston, the move was made because “we watched the development of the industry: noting the success of extraction equipment fabricators but finding it interesting that they do not necessarily show people how to make a good product with the equipment. Ultimately, molecular separation is the next step in the evolution of cannabis extract science: with this technology we can produce a product highly sought-after by both the pharmacists and cannabis connoisseurs. Operators want this technology and we are here to provide them with the highest degree of scientific solutions, tools, and turn-key protocols for the extraction, separation, and refining of Cannabis oils.”

Already engaged in a number of different operations: from analytics, to software development, distributions, and consulting, Helderpad is excited to be working with Chemtech on this monumental venture into the next phase of development for the hemp oil processing industry.

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